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How we can help you to scale up your businesses!

Expanding to regional markets
Introducing your awesome products from Vietnam to the world
Introducing innovative Fintech products to community
As one of the early ecosystem builder of the Fintech ecosystem in Vietnam, we can help to compare Fintech note and explore potential collaborations
Building entrepreneurial ecosystem
We address venture capitalists and government officials alike, encouraging them to acknowledge and support the community
Raising private funding
We develop a diversified list of venture capitalists, angel investors, and PE which invest into promising startups.
Promoting Cross-Border Trade
Our network of trusted partners will help matchmake your organizations with suitable partners
Nurturing local artisanship and creative entrepreneurs
We can help you to showcase your talents to the world by combining the beauty of tech, innovation and artisanship

We always aim to launch meaningful products

“The first APEC Digital Prosperity Award was given to Airlala, Viet Nam-based e-commerce platform, on Tuesday as APEC senior officials began their policy deliberations”

“HuyDong.com (previously, LoanVi) is the first crowdfunding platform for small business owners in Vietnam”

After more than 1600 applications, the companies selected are coming from 25 countries. They will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000), a working visa for a year to come to Chile and access to the biggest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups.”

Empowering 5 milions of artisans and creative entrepreneurs in Vietnam

Our innovative technology in big data and machine learning will provide small business owners a tool to grow and scale up your businesses